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There shouldn't be any burrs, gaps or evenness. Often this means a short weld time. How you prepare your work plates or stationary structure for welding may contribute more to the outcome of the operation than anything else. See Weld Defects for more on this subject. So, controlling of pulsed parameter is needed in this investigation.

This means that a longer weld time may be needed. For this reason, students also learn the difference between Electrode StickOut the wire length from the contact tip and Contact-To-Work-Distance. To keep the same conditions during the hole welding process, the electrode force needs to be gradually increased.


Squeeze Time is the time interval between the initial application of the electrode force on the work and the first application of current. The amount of energy transferred per unit length of weld is inversely proportional tig welding parameters the travel speed. Producing a weld bead that's the right size, shape and depth involves many variables.


Achieving tie-in at the toes is paramount, but it's also important to control penetration and heat. By multiplying the thickness of the sheet by ten, a good target value for the weld time can be reached. The weld time shall cause the indentation due to the electrode to be as small as possible. And while low-carbon steel is much easier to work with than other metals, you should still adopt the habit of cleaning or grinding the areas you plan to weld. You should also tack your plates and use clamps as needed to prevent the joint from closing up in advance of the weld, or other distortion caused by heat.

In the diagram on the right, the travel angle shows a degree tilt along the joint. Although the photos above don't show it, too long of an arc can cause porosity air bubbles inside the weld, spatter on the base metal and undercutting at the toes of the joint.

Shielding gases are typically inert to protect the electrode from contamination. Here are some settings I use for welding near an edge. When you drag your torch or electrode, the tilt is directed towards the puddle, which helps with penetration and achieving a thick bead. This gives the welder a better view of what's going on in the puddle. This method will give good-looking spot welds but the strength of the weld might be poor.

Distortion is the major problem in welding of thin sections. One problem, though, is that the size of the contact surface will increase during welding. Considered from a welding technical point of view, the hold time is the most interesting welding parameter. The influences of parameters of tungsten inert gas arc welding on the morphology, microstructure, tensile property and fracture of welded joints of Ni-base. However, metabolic repair manual pdf this table shows target values for the welding parameters.

This means that the higher electrode force requires a higher weld current. In fact, you can make things worse if you don't take the time to do your fit-up correctly.

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Held farther away, the electrode produces less heat and more spatter. Held close to the work plates, the current and heat in the weld remains high. This will cause the electrodes to get stuck to the sheet. The second angle used in welding is the travel angle.

Stringer bead along a lap joint video. Different metals disperse heat differently. Think of this as the front view of the work plates. Squeeze time is necessary to delay the weld current until the electrode force has attained the desired level. Needless to say, the angle of your beveled sides should be appropriate for the thickness of the metal and the welding process being used.

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The weld current is the current in the welding circuit during the making of a weld. This is the relationship between the torch and line of travel.

The objective of present project is to achieve better mechanical properties. Welder Qualification Test Via Advice section.

You can increase the length of the arc to reduce heat to the puddle or to limit the deposition of weld metal. Notice that when the voltage is too high, the bead is wide and flat. As a rule of thumb, in stick welding arc length should match the diameter of the electrode metal. In a wirefeed operation i.

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The microstructure of the weld depends upon pulsed tig welding parameters peck current, base current, pulse frequency, pulse duration. Diameter of the electrode contact surface should be slightly larger than the nugget diameter. When determining the current to be used, the current is gradually increased until weld spatter occurs between the metal sheets.

Move too slow and you'll end up with a fat weld bead and likely too much heat going into your work plates. The electrode will then get more exposed to wear. In industrial situations where things are measured and inspected closely.


Low-carbon steel can be very forgiving when overheated, but other metals may lose their tensile strength or other qualities if you don't monitor the heat going in and out of the plates or pipe. That's because the arc is more concentrated, and thus capable of burning through metal. When welding galvanized carbon steel a longer hold time is recommended. When you push, the tilt is away from the puddle, which limits penetration and heat going into the base metal.


Aluminum is another story and mid range pulsing is not as hard to watch. Weld time is the time during which welding current is applied to the metal sheets. The weld time shall be adjusted to welding with automatic tip-dressing, where the size of the electrode contact surface can be kept at a constant value.

That's because the quench has a sort of traumatizing effect to the metal and can make it brittle. The mechanical properties Hardness and microstructure characteristic of weld metal depends upon the microstructure of the weld. The weld time shall cause the nugget diameter to be big when welding thick sheets.

When the electrode force is increased the heat energy will decrease. The weld current should be kept as low as possible.

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