Viper 5701 Installation Manual Pdf

The engine will run for the programmed run time. When you receive a confirmation tone on the remote you can turn off the ignition, and the car will remain running.

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Viper 5701 Install Manual

Some Mercedes and Audis use the Type E system. It can be used to activate a bypass module or power the key sense wire in most vehicles to disarm the factory alarm without unlocking. The switches are wired directly to the motors.

In some vehicles, these functions are reversed. Recheck wire connections to see if you have re- versed these.

The siren will chirp the number of times equal to the feature you have accessed. Same as Type G system, but uses - pulse instead. Connecting directly to a solenoid, motor, or other high-current device will cause it to fail. Make sure that the harnesses are completely plugged into the remote start module.

Do not return the vehicle to the customer until this feature is properly installed! This is the default setting. When set to voltage, the unit cranks the starter for the programmed time and then attempts to sense that the engine is running by detecting an increase in voltage.

Viper 5701 Install Manual

The more common type of door lock systems are Type A or Type B. Was the Tach Learn successful? Some vehicles may have separate wires for the blower motor and the air conditioning compressor. Do not connect the outputs of the alarm directly to the actuator. Make sure there is adequate clearance to the front and rear of the vehicle before attempting this test.

Remember, you need a parking light wire that does not vary with the dimmer setting. Some states have laws regulating how long a security system can sound. It is crucial that these con- nections are well made and capable of handling the current demands. Table Of Zones Reducing the sensitivity can solve this problem.

Viper Owner s Guides and Manuals

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In the default setting the factory alarm disarm output will disarm the factory alarm system any time the button controlling Unlock or Remote Start is pressed. The unit can also be set for two to five pulses. Typically, vehicles that use an outboard mechanical switch use a yellow wire from the ignition switch to the mechanical switch and a purple wire from the mechanical switch to the starter itself. The switch should be well hidden. When installing the external valet switch ensure that the location has sufficient clearance to the rear.

Neutral safety switch interface. Does the vehicle have an immobilizer? Above the glove box, inside the center console, above the under-dash fuse box, or above the radio. Ground all your components. Feature Descriptions Feature descriptions The features of the system are described below.

Viper Responder LE 5701 Installation Manual

This feature will erase all remotes from the memory of the security system. If one hour passes and the zone has not triggered again, the zone is activated and can trigger the system again. If the remote start is interfaced before this switch, it will provide protection from starting in gear.

If this unit is being installed in a manual transmission vehicle then connect it to the emergency brake wire. The output will be cancelled if the unlock button is pressed. This feature makes the system compliant with these regulations. There are two acceptable ways of making a wire connection - solder connections and crimp connectors.

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They are used to energize the ignition circuits in the vehicle. This type of output additionally stops and resets whenever the ignition is turned On and then Off. Put the transmission in neutral. If so, no door lock interface wiring is required.

Adding one or more aftermarket actuators. This wire is a low current output mA and can be hooked to the horn honk wire in the vehicle. Put your foot over the brake pedal but do not press down on it. This wire is used when an ignition switch isolation on the vehicle is necessary.

Valet Program switch input use Blue two-pin from antenna cable. Either way, the remote start system will restart the engine again in three hours. Regardless of whether you solder your connections or you use mechanical-type crimp-on connections, ensure that all connections are mechanically sound and that they are insulated. Arm the alarm the vehicle should shut off when arming the system. However, due to future manufacturer changes in vehicles, it is possible that this may not apply to all vehicles.

The installation of this remote start system requires interfacing with many of the. Vehicles without factory power door locks require the installation of one actuator per door. Please read this entire installation guide before beginning the installation. To enable Valet take-over with a manual transmission, open the door and enter into manual transmission mode, cours sur dreamweaver 8 pdf as described above. Perform the manual transmission procedure See p.