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Instead, he studied his lord for several long moments. When he wasn't sequestered in secret toil in the deep, private crypts of the Palace, his prey was known to spend a great deal of time in the Hall, measuring the angles of space and time. He lingered in doorways while almost endless trains of servitors brought past trays of raw meats and hydroponic vegetables for the high table. He wanted to see how long it would take the rest of us to notice you. The mountain had been hacked and riven by searing beams and bombardment cannons, its flanks scoured clean and split by massive blasts.

He sighed - a complication. Blood games were a fundamental element of Palace security and a duty of the custodes. The Lucifer Black had been right there.

Authority had still not been sent through from the Palace. Packs of gunships purred low overhead.

The Caucasian shut him up by jabbing the punch-dagger into his heavy forehead. Gun crews were setting up tripod weapons along the shore to watch the ice fields.

The light blooms were teleport flares. He watched his reflection cross polished marble floors, and his shadow chase along walls carved from quartz and sardonyx. Halvdan scowled, peering intently at the image.

The heat from the transport's thrusters set alight broad swathes of the field's greenish-blue grass as it touched down. Bulveye studied the man dispassionately, taking note of the rank tabs on his uniform. He had a nose like an axe blade, and sharp-edged cheekbones crisscrossed with dozens of old scars.

The light in the outer portico seemed opaque, as if stained brown by smoke. Pop into your inbox and click the link we've just sent to prove you're not a brain-wiped servitor.

Four more prowled the upper platforms of the Taxonomic Towers. After a night and a day, the cell door rumbled open. He had unfolded the cobweb-thin falsehood out of its tiny silver box and wrapped himself in it.

Title Tales of Heresy

Horus Heresy Tales of Heresy - PDF Free Download

An impressive feat, one that we did not expect to be bettered. When the Caucasian wrenched his hand out again, it looked as if it was wearing a red glove. The weakness revealed being that all those who seek to serve and protect the Emperor must work with unified purpose and shared information. They had to circle the city twice to find any traces of the former starport. Using the data-slate, he also ascertained that nothing of any consequence had so far been received from the probes.

Horus Heresy Tales of Heresy - PDF Free Download

All the while, Amon thought of the probes, squirming through the dark recesses and cybernetic cavities of the Planalto like mealworms. The genestock were prepared to work with him, but they treated him with general suspicion.

Ptolem introduced him as Ibn Norn, and he was one of the infamous and almost extinct Lucifer Blacks. Halfway there, with the up of his punch-dagger just a moment away from the centre of his prey's broad back, a shadow came the other way to meet him. He was stiff and dead twelve seconds before he entered the field. The column set a slow, purposeful pace through the fire-lit darkness, following the causeway past vast landing fields now littered with the burnt-out hulls of great treasure ships.

Though made from the same white stone, the style of the tall structures was entirely different, built more for aesthetics and function than security. According to the auspex arrays aboard the Ironwolf, hybridization techniques pdf much of the lifeless terrain was dangerously radioactive.

It could take months just to assemble everyone and see that they're supplied for the journey. The swordsman recovered his balance, and discovered he was no longer a swordsman. He deflected one sword-blow over-hand, and another under-hand, swinging the punch-dagger around.

Heresy - PDF Free Download
Title Tales of Heresy

Horus Heresy Tales of Heresy

Now the fields of wheat, corn and salix were cratered by artillery shells and littered with the hulks of burnt-out tanks. Data freckled and danced across this smoky dome of light. Amon simply managed to reset the altitude, adding two kilometres. He was a tall, bent-shouldered man well into old age, with a beak-like nose and loose, wattle-like flesh around his scrawny neck. The echoey main chamber was emptying.

He cut the qash resin into sample measures, weighing each on a set of fine scales that he'd borrowed from a gem cutter. Behind it, out in the blackness, more wolves were gathering and coming ever closer. Execution or suicide was the usual conclusion of their efforts. Read our Cookie Notice for more information, and to learn how to change your cookie settings. Streets made from stone or some local composite connected the terraced buildings and teemed with hundreds of people and small, dome-shaped vehicles going about their daily business.

The three warriors passed through the cordon established by their waiting battle-brothers and continued on to the Stormbird's ramp. The punch-dagger afforded him no reach. The Wolf Lord also noted terraced vineyards skirting a number of the smaller hills, and other lands set aside for growing crops or grazing livestock.

Bulveye did not mistake the tense sound of their voices, however, or the hunched, apprehensive set of their shoulders. He was one hundred per cent certain they didn't have an orbital grid fix for him, and he was fairly confident they didn't even have an approximate. Two of the men had to be helped along by a cluster of slaves. Thousands of war hounds patrolled the camp perimeters at night, or lingered on the escarpments before the Palace. Each planet will soon have an Imperial governor to oversee their reconstruction, and they will send me regular reports of your efforts.

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Their breastplates were decorated with medals of silver or plaques of rune-etched iron, each one representing an act of valour against humanity's many foes. Dracos bustled around them, checking handheld monitors or breaking heavier scanning equipment out of carry boxes. Using invasive programs so acutely coded that no Hy Brasilean systems would even notice them, Haedo linked the unit to the Planalto's data-sphere.

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Many of the older statesmen sank back into their chairs with shocked expressions and faint murmurs of surprise. He had been planning to finish his work by riding the raker out into the middle of the Winter Fields and detonating the device. The stateroom, high in a tower in the Sao Paol division of the Planalto, overlooked the vast and luminous landscape of the Winter Fields. Halvdan chuckled at Jurgen's discomfort.