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This can be fulfilled by an empowered and full-functioning local government system. Moreover, in order to curb domestic violence, necessary political will is imperative to implement enacted laws. Bad governance and mismanagement of institutions has contributed to growing militancy in Pakistan, economic woes and fleeing of foreign investors. The revised formula of Poverty rate prevailing in the country seem to create panic and chaos amidst the escalating anxious about Panama leaks of elite class. It is reported in units of currency per annum therefore, it is the national income to total population of the country i.

Pakistan lags behind other lower-middle income countries in non-income determinants of poverty, such as education and health. Hundreds of people died in earthquake and all the structures in the affected area turned into rubble. Ninthly, the capital flight from the country to foreign countries is causing poverty too. The executives should be given targets to devise and recommend policies plus takes to reduce poverty. Younas of Bangladesh, a Nobel Laureate, initiated Grameen Bank to give loans to farmers for poverty alleviation.

Sometimes that does not happen resulting in loss of lives. These appointments must be carried out by parliamentary committees. But stronger and more sustained growth is needed to continue reducing poverty in order to reach the poorest of the poor. Domestic violence and intolerance in the society due to propagation of false beliefs are adding up to the poverty. However, there was a different world when I stepped out of the mall.

Poverty is every where except in socialist countries. Poverty, with its consequences, is the real threat to Pakistan and not all the imaginary threats that Pakistanis are so focused on.

In this way, class difference widens and poverty increases. Meaning the poverty is at an all time low. The govt has actually lowered the bar. In this backdrop, Benazir income support program is a sigh of relief for the few, but still a lot to be done for poverty alleviation. In addition to it, the chief executives and the board of directors for hundred key economic institutions, organizations and corporations should be appointed.

The importance of education in poverty alleviation schemes can hardly be overemphasized. In recent floods, National Disaster Management authority did not respond well due to lack of funds, equipment, machinery and will. Per capita is the numerical quotient of national production by population in monetary terms. Such diversification has not occurred in many parts of Pakistan, leading to an increased dependence on credit.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are numerous reasons for widespread poverty in Pakistan. Neglect of agriculture sector means expensive seeds and fertilizers, removal of subsidies, faulty irrigation system, and lack of transportation and disregard of small farmers. Access to credit is the surest way of empowering the poor and improving their income generation opportunities. Socially and demographically, population growth eats the resources of the country and puts a pressure on the economy. Neocolonialism is a concept of subjugating and overpowering poor developing countries without entering their borders physically but to strangling them in economic, social, and political constraints.

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Until poverty is controlled by liberating citizens from the clutches of hunger and insecurity, the dream of progress and prosperity will remain a distant dream. Access to education is the prime responsibility of any government as it empowers people with vision to reduce their own poverty.

Poverty in Pakistan Numerous efforts many numbers not enough results

The impressive growth of Asian countries first Japan followed by China in the last century and India in the last two decades have raised the hopes that the continent will soon overcome the poverty. World Bank and International Monetary Fund have hidden agenda of fully subjugation of developing and underdeveloped countries to grab their resources. Issues are corruption, lack of real education, lck of security, unsustainable population growth, religious exterimism. No one else to blame except people them self. Of course if you produce like fly you live like a fly.

Moreover, the gap between the capacity of the government to deliver public for reduction of poverty and the growing expectations of the public is getting wider. Governmnet should honestly disclose the figures and work to eliminate poverty. Poverty is directly relating to energy so less energy generation increases poverty. This formula puts the economic growth at stake, silent spring rachel carson pdf free that's the miserable condition of middle class families. Censorship Internet censorship.

Poverty in Pakistan Numerous efforts many numbers not enough results

The revenue collected can also be used for various developmental projects. Similarly energy consumption is the average consumption of food in terms of calories by total population of the country in a year.

Bountifulness represents prosperity and blessings in every shape while poverty is one of the worst miseries of human kind. Basic topics Alphabetical index of topics. The share of women in economic life is minimal.

Poverty has steadily declined even when income growth was volatile in the s. Not all madressahs impact this kind of violence yet there are many of this kind. The incapability to cope with natural disasters is also adding fuel to fire. Earthquake of and the recent floods are the glaring examples. Since then the ground reality has changed altogether amid structural reforms, liberalisation, social safety nets, increase in remittances and natural calamities.

But the areas of country like Baluchistan and Thar desert were worst affected. The law and order problem worsens their condition as boys and girls are fair game to others who would force them into stealing, scavenging and smuggling to survive. All these factors have combined to shrink the economy of the country. Tenthly, large scale imports are putting pressure on local industries and increasing the trade deficit.

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You might also like More from author. Abundance and poverty are the two contrasts present on the face of the earth similar to brightness and darkness. Poor and underprivileged minds are easy to brain wash and manipulate and unfortunately nation is turning into huge supplier of modern day slavery.

Banking List of banks Pakistan Remittance Initiative. Other causes of vulnerability in Pakistan are the everyday harassment by corrupt government officials, as well as their underperformance, exclusion and denial of basic rights to many in Pakistan.

Essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Traditional gender roles in Pakistan define the woman's place as in the home and not in the workplace, and define the man as the breadwinner. This trend has been attributed to a disproportionate impact of economic events in the rural and urban areas.

Pakistan has a huge river and irrigation system. Baluchistan province is deeply affected by mismanagement.

Essay on Poverty in PakistanPoverty in Pakistan