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General Carl von Clausewitz. This Prussian general and thinker Carl von Clausewitz is widely acknowledged as the most important of the major strategic theorists and this is one of the most important books on military strategy.

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Grynberg Henryk, Memorbuch, W. Deterrence and Survival in the Nuclear Age, U. For this purpose, available source literature has been used in the form of his main work On War and a number of not well known military, political and historical writings. The Untold Story of the U. Soviet Voices from the Afghanistan War, W.

My interest is principally in the two general purposes for which armed forces have prescribed drugs. Kwestie historyczne w polskiej polityce zagranicznej. Princeton University Press. Cockburn Alexander, Clair Jeffrey St.

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Hobhouse Henry, Ziarna zmian. We also used are selected fragments of correspondence and opinions of recognized authors in the literatu- re of the subject. First, as applied prior to battle or during combat, stimulants e. Reading his book is required at military academies today.

Creveld Martin van, Zmienne oblicze wojny. Carl von Clausewitzs On War has influenced generations of generals and politicians. This is a social and cultural history of intoxication and warfare.

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It offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the topic. Nevertheless, the author stresses war as a political action that must be ruthless and uncompromising in its annihilation of the enemy.

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Realizm polityczny Carla von Clausewitza a sprawa polska. Modern smartphones and computers can read files of any format. Coker Christopher, Waging War without Warriors? Best of all, if after reading an e-book, practical html5 projects pdf you buy a paper version of On War. Studia Krytyczne Critical studies.

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