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Easily search the location of suppliers in the event of a natural disaster or geopolitical unrest. Then and only then will the process be properly used, supported and improved upon. For instance, suppose that a measurement system, operating under stable conditions, is used to obtain several measurements of a certain characteristic. The same measurement, on the same characteristic, at the same area of the process, over an extensive period of time is evidence of a lack of learning or a stagnant measurement process. Build tolerance should be based on a combination of the capabilities of the process used to produce the gage or gage component, and the criticality of the intended measurement.

Identify key inputs and outputs to each step in the process. Following that is a section which addresses its impact on the process decision. Although the guidelines are general enough to be used for any measurement system, they are intended primarily for the measurement systems used in the industrial world. In general, an analytic study is one that increases knowledge about the system of causes that affect the process. Oftentimes this involves some studies done on the equipment at the supplier's location and then at the customer's location.

Any measurement system may require more or less strategic planning and scrutiny depending on a given product or process situation. Critical in allowing manufacturers to pinpoint at risk products and initiating quick, focused containment. This adds stability and consistency to the measurement system capability.

If so, then the largest worst variation of the measurement system is small relative to the smaller of either the process variation or the specification limits. To reach a specific process capability goal would require factoring in the measurement variation. It is better to be safe and collect data on the environment, rather than to make decisions based on the wrong information and having a system developed that is not robust to environmental issues.

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Each measurement would always agree with a standard. Consequently, if an approach other than that described in this manual is used, lead acid battery maintenance pdf a statement of such must be stated clearly in any results or summaries particularly those provided to the customer.

If the important dimensions have been identified already, evaluate the ability to measure the characteristics. Build tolerance should not be a mere given percent of product tolerance alone. Much of these activities will depend on the complexity of the measurement system, device or apparatus. Awareness of which multiplying factor is used is crucial to the integrity of the equations and resultant calculations.


Simple measuring tools and devices i. Without this knowledge, efforts may be spent, in vain, looking to see what went wrong with the new process. During and after the fabrication of the measurement equipment and development of the measurement process methods, training, documentation, etc. Much of the work of managing a measurement system is directed at monitoring and controlling variation.

Equipment is only one part of the measurement process. Most of the measuring and monitoring could eventually end up at suppliers of incoming material. Who will be responsible for the calibration masters?

Another common scenario is the classification of parts into specific categories e. International Trade Compliance Explore a wide variety of trade compliance resources related to importing and exporting your goods efficiently and compliantly. SupplySafe Tools, guidelines, best practices and standards developed by the industry, for the industry. This would include delivery of the part or sub-system being measured, the measurement itself, and the return of the part or sub-system to the process. This usage is not recommended.

This understanding is derived from accurate timely communication between the two parties. For example, a camshaft must be manufactured on centers but the important product features are in its lobes. It may also cover performance standards for a more complex measurement system. The increments of measure should be small relative to the process variation or specification limits for the purpose of measurement. Calibration may also include steps to detect, correlate, report, or eliminate by adjustment any discrepancy in accuracy of the measuring device being compared.

Not all product and process characteristics require measurement systems whose development falls under this type of scrutiny. Please note that registration for this event is not available online. In that case, variation in the data may be due either to changes in the volume or to changes in the ambient temperature. This is especially important if a comparison is to be made between measurement system variability and the tolerance.

Readings vary from each other due to common and special causes. Planning preventive maintenance activities should coincide with the initiation of the measurement process planning. If the part measured is off target, the process is then adjusted. Global Supplier Visibility Map Easily search the location of suppliers in the event of a natural disaster or geopolitical unrest.

This may lead to an understanding of critical process control characteristics that directly affect the part characteristics. If the measurement system used at either location is not consistent with the measurement system that will be used under normal circumstances then confusion may ensue. Where possible, use measurement equipment that has a proven track record. In fact this is preferable and improves advanced measurement planning and costs. Unfortunately, the true value can never be known with certainty.

Any and all of the management, statistical, and logical techniques of process control can be applied to it. Cost issues may affect the format. Common sense is the guide in any case. Deming called analytic studies. The most common situation involving the use of different instruments is the case where the instrument used at the supplier has higher order discrimination than the production instrument gage.

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During this process, different datum schemes may need to be explored in order to understand the impact of these differences. Build standards will cover the tolerances to which the measurement system must be built. Other concepts may require the expertise of the gage source.

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Historically, it would be determined if the part were acceptable within specification or unacceptable outside specification. This rule of thumb was intended as a practical minimum starting point for gage selection. After the measurement process is implemented and in use, data pertaining to the function of the measurement process need to be collected and plotted over time. Communication between the customer and the supplier at this time is especially important. Are the part location and fixturing possible sources of variation?

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Remember to use data to substantiate common assumptions about the measurement process. The central theme here is communication. The calibration system determines measurement traceability to the measurement systems through the use of calibration methods and standards. The owner of the process must know how to correctly use this equipment and how to analyze and interpret the results. Certain commodities present features which can yield more problems than others, such as camshaft centering, or other round, cylindrical or tubular characteristics.

Its primary focus is measurement systems where the readings can be replicated on each part. Next use some method of brainstorming with the group to develop general criteria for each measurement required.