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She shoots some self-portraits by her Polaroid, mandatory grimace. And if it's you who gets killed?

She looks at the road and imagines But can you miss the car? Leon stands up, turns around the table and embraces her. My family was not very respectable. The bullets pass around the jogger, who can't see or hear anything.

For a moment, he's blocked behind the door. Mathilda closes her eyes, happy and relieved. Cops everywhere, sandbags. Leon threw away his shears and pulled out his shotgun. He opens the violin case and assembles a rifle with telescopic sight and silencer.

Leon (1994)

She kindly pushes Leon back, save document to pdf to look at his eyes. Leon catches man's throat. Leon glances at her now and then.

She turns, takes his hand and puts it on her stomach. She rolls herself into the towel, without speaking. He sweetly lays the dress down on the table and switches television off. He pulls a chewing-gum out of his mouth and squeezes it on the peephole.

Then someone announces you like this! If the task is delicate or the risk is too big, you double. She aims at him, concentrated. Get away before I call the Police! Therefore, you wait and look.

Mathilda turns back and walks toward the corridor. That is, you insure yourself by another means. Leon's champagne goes the wrong way. And you can't discuss, we said. He's furious, to this extent he fears for Mathilda.

It's from Mathilda's first rifle training scene that the original script is totally different from the movie. Screenplays for You - free movie scripts and screenplays. Mathilda's room Cardboard collection expands. From his position, he can see the window on the street. You can live in a hovel, on lots of trash, everything is better than death and the fear you have of it.

In the corridor, cops eventually catch the pressurized pipe and close the water. Mathilda comes back with a lot of popcorn. She gets in her room, recovers her teddy bear and her Polaroid. The man is very nervous, searches in a pocket, then pulls out an anti-aggression bomblet. Leon opens the door by disassembled lock's wires.

Rinaldi hands him a small photograph. Receptionist's tense smile.

The Professional Version 1 Script

Their hands on their eyes. And this never disturbed my sleep. The first targets have just two or three off- center hits.

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Emilio arrives and puts down a chocolate cake with five candles on it. Mathilda pulls her hand out of a pocket and launches something to him. Her face is harsh and immobile like never before. Mathilda smiles and lifts the glass. She doesn't dare passing before the open door again to join Leon.

The day he got out of jail. Police commander on place. Mathilda is still observing.

An elegantly dressed man gets inside. His hand approaches a gun.

It's because you fear death that you live with so much tenacity. It's because of it that you bear what's unbearable. Leon prepares his shears at the correct height. She switches television on again, sits on the couch and turns volume up. You have one chance out of five to miss.

He dries himself, but doesn't reply. He gets in the bathroom for a shower.