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Nickel Plated Brass grounding cable gland for use with shielded cables. Refer to the technical data section of this catalog for minimum bend radius for flexing. To develop the Lapp part number - add the double digit color code to the above part number prefix. Maintain this alignment throughout installation and clamping. It can be used by any organization regardless of its size or position in the food chain.

Sleeving Expandable Sleeving. For a distance of feet, your voltage drop would be x. The cables should be laid into the cable track and not weaved between or around other cables. More From QuantumAutomation. Ne e dHe l pF i ndi ngaPa r tNumbe r?

Marcelo Elicer Hernandez Daza. High Temperature Control Cable. Nominal Outer Diameter inches Approx.

We stay on top of market trends and industry requirements, using our expertise to develop innovative solutions for you. In order to determine the voltage drop, multiply the length by the data above.

The cables should lay loosely side by side in the track. Strain Relief Cable Glands. The weight of the cables must be evenly distributed. Same Requirement for Exposed Run.

Lapp offers a wide variety of connectors for power, control, ostwald dilution law pdf and data. Lapp is the preferred choice for leading industrial manufacturers.

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Our products are rigorously tested to maximise profitability for you. Send us your queries and we will be in touch shortly.

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It is important to ensure the cables can move with complete freedom within the bend radius, so that movement of the cables among themselves and with the track is possible. Product Certifications and Standards. Thank you for your interest in our products. The recommended minimum bend radius of the cable should not be exceeded. Carmen Cecilia Mendoza Rojas.

It was determined by using selection criteria of Motor Properties Table. It differs from other safety standards, it is concerned with the associated hygiene risks. The following pages serve as a guide to matching a connector series with a cable. Protect Strain Relief Cable Glands. When the cable track is side mounted, always place the larger cable towards the outside and the smaller cables toward the inside of the cable track.

Our catalog is split into sections for easy viewing. The cables should not be fixed to the track or tied together in the track. Our quick quote form is an easy way to get you the information you need to keep your project on track.

Then, wrap each end of the cable with masking tape and mark the top of each cable end. We think and act with the future in mind, developing sustainable solutions for you. Connect Rectangular Connectors.

Gray polyurethane jacket for a halogen-free construction. Solder Termination Sleeves. Heavier cables should be placed towards the outside of the cable track, while lighter ones should occupy the center of the cable track. The cables should be clamped into position at both ends of the cable track.

Disclaimer The products and specifications set forth in this brochure are subject to change without notice and Lapp Group disclaims any and all liability for such variations. Coaxial Cable Commercial Coax Cable. Do not crush the cables when clamping. When placing the cable into the cable track, the track should be laid out flat with the bending direction facing upward, then fitted with the cables in working position. Download our latest product catalogue here.

Prior to clamping, the alignment marks on the taped ends should be correctly positioned. You can download the brochure with below link. We strive to keep our customers aware of breaking industry changes. The cables must be prepared for installation into the cable track without twists, bends or kinks in the cable. Wire Harness Manufacturing.

Configurations include contacts for power and control, thermocouple contacts, data modules for Profibus and Ethernet, and pneumatic modules. We understand the markets that you operate in and the trends that matter to you.