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With a face which is complete with prettiness, With a smile which shows the capability of sweetness, And with a vision reflecting youthfulness of mercy, His form fulfills the avarice of my eyes. This is a rare prayer addressed to Gopala Sundari, the feminine aspect of Krishna. Oh flute, who knows the sweet taste of the air. This is considered as the manthra of eight handed madana Gopala Sundari.


Nectar to the ears of Lord Krishna. Telugu literati have voluminously proved this poet to be a Telugu poet, resident of shrIkAkulam on the riverbanks of krishna.


On the days when he did not approve any of the Slokas, it seems the Swamiyar did not partake in any food. May you live hundred years. Please tell us about the sweet heart of the Gopi lasses, Who slowly and slowly fills the flute with sweet music, Who slowly drives the cattle herd inside Brindavan. No, it is the holder of wheel, Is he a potter with a wheel? There is a tradition to worship Krishna as Gopala Sundari.

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This is another prayer addressed to Bala Gopala Sundari. Variations in wording, names of metres etc sri krishna karnamrutham also amended as far as possible, but needs a through checkup, at a later time.

Devakyaa jatara kure samudhitha kreetho gavaam paalina. And when he heard this, he closed his eyes and told that night has come, And started pulling her upper dress and let that Krishna protect us. My Account Trackorder Karnarutham In. By the music that he plays on his flute in the forest, Whose blue body colour competes with the dark clouds, And who is the source of all the mercy. In his early life, he had an illicit love affair with Cintamani, a dancing girl who was a musician and harlot.

Let my mind play with the son of Nanda gopa who is the secret lover of gopis, Who is the thief stealing butter from the pot and a sun to the lotus eyes of Lakshmi. Sanskrit texts Krishna Hindu devotional texts.

Sanskrit texts Krishna Hindu devotional sgi. This is sri krishna karnamrutham online sri krishna karnamrutham Digital Library of India.

Who can tell that son of Nanda does not save, People who take refuge in him, For to save the cows and cowherds, In the shores of Yamuna, did he, Not swallow the fire that erupted? The attraction of your pretty face before me, With the flowing joyful tunes from the flute, And several other things which are very pretty, Makes my mind very weak, why is it, why is it. Oh mother who is naturally sweet, Oh dear one, This bad fellow committed a grave mistake, By spending some time in your belly and as a, Redemption I speak the names and goodness of the cowherd. Who has nectar like smile on his lower lips, Who is famous for his sea like colour, And who has a youthful long lotus like eyes. We salute that lad Krishna, Who honours karnamdutham beauties of Vruja, Who indicate their needs, By non artificial and intelligent words, After listening to them with interest.

Varadachari Sadagopan's article at Sadagopan. Let us be made pure by that Krishna. In the courtyard of Rukmani, Who is similar in beauty and age to Radha, Sitting below a banyan tree in the banks of Yamuna, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well. In his early life, he had mrishna illicit love affair with Cintamani, a dancing girl who was a musician and harlot. This is available online through Digital Library of India.

Let our mind be full of that bright light, Which has a smile which is always new, Which is the shower nectar in the eyes of people who see, And which is the proper place for the breasts of Gopis. Let us attempt those details sri krishna karnamrutham and when needed. Be the first to sri krishna karnamrutham this product.

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Published by Sri krishna karnamrutham Gaudiya Math in Madras. Since he described with great joy the leelas of Krishna like Sri krishna karnamrutham Goswamithe author of Bhagavata Puranahe came to be known as Leela Shuka. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Once a Gopi saw the thief Krishna in her house, And locked him inside and went to complain to Yasodha, And to her surprise she saw the same Krishna, Tied to the mortar by a rope by his mother. Variations in wording, names of metres etc are also amended as far as possible, but needs a through checkup, trigonometry the easy way pdf at a later time.


And did rituals to protect the baby and let those protect all of us. And when I will be lucky to get my mind cooled by the music of your flute? This is comprehensive and though classical, it sri krishna karnamrutham in communicative Srk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You have no items in your shopping cart.


This contains whole lot of bibliography, c. There are only three places where, Krishna the elephant can be tied, And they are the mortar, the mind of sages, And the pretty breasts of the gopa maidens. Saluted by Gopis who are blind with passion, Served by the sages who like are going round like bees, And shining red like the lotus flowers, Are your feet, Oh lord and my salutations to them.

Let Victory be that of Krishna, who with his musk thilaka, Is the great ornament for all the three worlds, And he is the one who is interested in love play with Vruja maidens. The excerpts can also be viewed in SweetBlog. Here, they are posting groups sri krishna karnamrutham verses, inclusive of matter drwan from different comentaris etc, in their sweetblogs.


Sri Lalitha Saahasranaama Bhashyam. The word karnamruta means nectar to the ears. Dey, krishnadAs kavirAj and other professors also said that this poet belongs to Andhra. The continued experiences with a very stable heart, Of the great wealth of divine happiness of Krishna.

The meaning of life consists of singing about the feet of him who killed Kamsa, For even in darkness of ignorance, his thought only will show us the way out. During the love play in water, when Krishna hid all their dresses, For the doe eyed damsels, two hands, their hair and closed eye was their only dress. No, he is hari, Are you then you are indeed a monkey, Thus Krishna was defeated in repartee By the gopa lass and let him save us.

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Elsewhere he mentions that he is a Shaivite but attached to Lord Krishna. But he became a devotee of Krishna.

Oh consort of Sita, for now, Keep away your bow Kodanda, And take in your hands the pretty flute, And also wear the peacock feathers on your head, And then surely I will salute you. Since he described with great joy the leelas sri krishna karnamrutham Krishna like Shukadev Goswamithe author sri krishna karnamrutham Bhagavata Puranahe came to be known as Leela Shuka. Mother, What lord of Yadus, give me cup, What is the need, to drink milk, No it is not now, when is the time, at night, when is night, when it is dark. The body of this lord is sweeter than sweetest, His face with its slow smile and with the scent of honey, Is sweet to me and is sweeter than sweetest, Sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet. Oh Gods of the forest, what is the use of beauty of this forest to you?

Since he described with great joy the leelas of Krishna like Shukadev Goswamithe author of Bhagavata Puranahe came to be known as Leela Shuka. Who is the essence of sweetness, Who wanders in the streets of Mathura, Who is being worshipped by doe eyed maidens, With their blue lotus like eyes. Even in my future births, let all my body parts.

Works on Tuesday to Sundays. Sri Sri krishna karnamrutham Prasna Rs Hence he refers to his traditional background by saying that he wears the feet of Lord Siva on his head. Hey rascal girl, it is Madhava, Is it the spring?