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Iron John A Book About Men

Which is not to say that I am better, only more stubborn about these things. Gone are terms like Self Esteem or Ego or confidence and in come the king, and the warriors who protect them and perhaps we find we still have some fight left in us. One sees that something is missing.

Iron John is commonly regarded as one of the major men's books written over the past few decades. Iron John has no particularly strong religious overtones.

In real life, however, the individuating man would be fifty by the end. All I can say, I love this book!

But, this book really only deserves three stars, in my opinion. That would save some women a lot of trouble. He might not enjoy the grisly side of it as he is a city boy. The goal of this book is to initiate men from boyhood or pretence of manhood into manhood.

Iron John A Book About Men

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Open Preview See a Problem? The good far outweighs the bad in this one.

The prince fears he will be killed for setting Iron John free, so Iron John agrees to take the prince with him into the forest. From Wikipedia, coffee brewing handbook pdf the free encyclopedia.

The reason humanity sought development was because the ancient world was a swirl of misery. Much of the discussion of initiation was familiar to other sources, and necessarily so. And most people, men or women, do not know what genuine outward or inward warriors would look like, or feel like. That's the way it is written and for whom it is written.

First, Bly can be a bit long winded at times. Honestly, I can't stand books like that I'm looking at you John Maxwell. There is no wiggle room in his theories for other things. The prince is returned to his former station, marries the princess, and is happily reunited with his parents.

It disheartened me so much that I could not finish reading it. Men are much more likely than women to commit suicide, and this is especially true in western countries. My favorite part of the book is when Bly encourages the reader to decide what he wants, and then pay for it.

Iron John A Book About Men by Robert Bly

In many ways it functions as a secular Wild at Heart. Save yourself some time and skip over this one. True masculinity, in other words, is capable of feeling. And obviously, with the Enlightenment and the dispatch of Kings, the male ego has no really earthly Father to gaze upon as a Spiritual Guide.

As a result, this is a great introduction to masculine issues. The prince obeys at first, but begins to play in the well, eventually turning all his hair into gold. Robert Bly was born in western Minnesota in to parents of Norwegian stock. Can someone please explin what does this metaphore mean? Contemporary Western men have become overly sanitized losing touch with animating, desirable features.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. My father never would have. As in, describing figures as Kings and Godesses encourages men to idealise others, which is in itself seems to contribute directly to the rejection of the soft male.

In Iron John he brings both elements to bear in a way that will only truly be understood by men. Iron John reveals he was under enchantment until he found someone worthy and pure of heart to set him free.

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Iron John Free Summary by Robert Bly

The mothers encouraged men to eschew manual labor vulgar! So, I thought, this book seems to describe how a son's relationship with his parents mainly father might gauge his masculinity. An excellent book recommended for all guys and women if they want a glimpse into men's inner workings. More on this topic Customers who read this summary also read.

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There's no part of the book where it feels like Bly is short shifting one issue and overemphasizing another. The modern man is lost, disheveled, and more broken everyday because there is no guidance to lead him into maturity, and through self-discovery. He graduated in and spent the next few years in New York living, as they say, hand to mouth.

This book is why I love Robert Bly. As a result there are places where Bly and I part ways rather decisively. Third, Iron John represents a balanced and holistic view of masculinity.