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Meals table The table contains the hotels catering transactions information. The guest luggage information is entered in the system to ensure maximum security of luggage at the hotel. The system was evaluated by several people regarding user levels of the developed system.

No transfer of guest information from the system at any time under any circumstances without written permission from the management. Documentation Hotel Management System. The reports shall be created from tables. The employees shall only access the system resources using their passwords. The system accepted the data and updated the tables appropriately.

System can be restoring in any case of emergency. Although at a high cost, anskan om skilsmssa pdf the benefits are outstanding. Receptionist plays the boundary role of the system. Parallel changeover provides time for one the database administrator to update all the guest files before a total changeover to the new system. Iterative waterfall method was used as the software development life cycle.

The table holds their information safely and ensures maximum data integrity values. Manager is responsible for managing resources available in hotel management system. Admission table The table contains guest details input on admission of the guest into the hotel at the reception.

Booking is done through phone calls or through visit to the hotel booking office. This information keeps track of the duration that the guest has stayed at the hotel. Batch processing shall be applied at accounts department to generate daily reports for the hotel transactions. The Reservation System is to keep track in room and hall reservation and check availability.

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This was the most exhaustible method of data collection. Unnecessary duplication of data. This involves relatively permanent files such as the employee details files and the guest files. Payment is done on clothes that are washed outside the hotel. No use of diskettes within the hotel.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.

As the owner of the system and the company he has the power to set room rates as well. Hierarchically receptionist role has the least accessibility to the system functions. No reliance on computer devices which may fail since they are machine in nature. Fully functional Dayal Hotel Management System will fulfil the main objectives and all the events of the hotel.

Enable easy authorized modification of data. Exceptional data from accommodation form.

Receptionist can only access to the Reservation management section. Client should have a valid e-mail account in order to receive reservation e-mail notifications. It makes fast access to system functions. The specific requirement section describes the detail of the system.


This information is vital as this department is the backbone of any hotel aspiring to achieve its goals and realize its maximum potential. Files are prone to theft unauthorized modification due to low data security levels and standards.

Owner can access to all system functionalities without any restrictions. Guest files can easily get lost or mix up with other guest file documents. On the reporting date the file is transferred to the reception.

Hotel Reservation Confirmation Form PDF

The data storage room temperature should be maintained to as low temperatures as Kelvin. The responses were used to develop this system accordingly. Coding was handled through an Object-oriented approach.

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Results of the evaluation helped for further maintenance of the product. This is to enable fast and efficient access and retrieval of information from the system by authorized users. Double click on the directory to open the folder. The seven months provided by the Kenya national examination council enabled the system analyst recognize and define the problem in the current manual system at the hotel. As the owner of the company owner gets the ability to manage the other users including their user levels and privileges.

Documentation Hotel Management System

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The guests receive their outlines at the accounts desk as they check out, where they pay for bills balances if any. No opening of any mail attachment without scanning for viruses and threats. The guest is charged depending on the type of vehicle used.

Increase the hotel performance. After an information gathering process from several hotels managed by manual and computerized systems, the system analyst saw that the hotel indeed needed a computerized management system. Owner of the company as well as the system can access to the administration panel which is consider the core of the system. Move the records you want to appear in the report from the left column into the right column.

Guards should be employed to watch over both hardware and software resources at the hotel. The table contains laundry details for clothes washed at the hotel laundry. Remember me on this computer.