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Strictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom. To deem worthy of notice or account. To speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely. In each section, you will find sample questions, how to answer and answers with explanations. Showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling.

To represent by sketch or diagram. Full of offensive and aggressive self-conceit. Yes, it should give you an email notification. Studying this way is a thousand times more effective than looking at a list of words. Simply put, this list is overkill.

The pencil and paper version, on the other hand, only occurs on certain test dates throughout the year and it takes longer to have your scores sent out. You can practice and test your English wherever you want in the tram, in the doctor's waiting room, in a restaurant, at your friend's home, or wherever. Virtue or integrity tested and confirmed.

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The horn of plenty, symbolizing peace and prosperity. Characterized by skill at understanding and profiting by circumstances. But you need to know how to use them effectively! Anticipating and making ready for future wants or emergencies. To reject, as a teaching or a practice, with condemnation or denunciation.

Coarse or thick in nature or structure, as opposed to thin or fine. To cause to appear less guilty.

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Characterized by or exhibiting undue or unreasoning devotion to a party. Can I get a refund if I don't like the product? Not easily roused to feeling or action.

Hi Dweep, Yes, it should give you an email notification. To force or keep back in a manner, physically or mentally.

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Made commonplace by frequent repetition. The ScoreSelect option allows you up to five years to decide.

Others are sanguine that people will have time to adapt. To make satisfaction or amends for. You are using the old scoring scale.

Characterized by extravagance and in general by want of good taste. Anything made of clay and baked in a kiln or dried in the sun. If you catch yourself studying this way, stop. Yes, you've heard that right.

This will help you see how lots of words are deployed in actual writing. To soothe by quieting anger or indignation. Exhausted, as having performed its functions.

GRE eBook A Free Complete Guide to the GRE

Time between acts or periods. Being no longer in existence.

Please guide me how I can improve in vocabulary sphere. This will improve your knowledge of vocabulary in context, your ability to process complex sentences, reasoning study material pdf and your reading comprehension skills in general. Studying a word n a few different contexts and learning it in a few different styles can really accelerate your vocabulary learning and help you remember the words more fully and accurately.

Harsh in disposition or character. To rouse to a particular action. Any remedy which, when applied externally, dries up or absorbs moisture, as that of wounds.

To utter vehement censure or invective. To suffer a return of a disease after partial recovery. Lack of vitality or energy. To excite a slight degree of anger in. To render ineffective or inoperative.