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However, I can assure you that the requirements are not going to be relaxed anytime soon and for very good reasons. The requirement applies to figures with added or moulded features such as hats or hair which retain the rounded shape of the end.

Such characteristics alone are not enough to define them as toy bags. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious injuries. Toys intended to be assembled shall be accompanied by detailed assembly instructions, if appropriate.

The importer responsibilities are listed below. It can be sold in Eastern Europe. Fasten the toy in the test apparatus and apply a tensile force to the component by means of a clamp or by other means. And which Company name and address need to be printed, importer? In the case of projectiles where the projectile is not moulded in one piece, it shall be ensured that the suction cup is not clamped to the shaft during the test.

Select Your Product CategoryDIN EN - European Standards

DIN EN - European Standards

This European Standard does not cover electrical safety aspects of toys. Fluid or viscous materials which can be ingested or have skin contact. Notice that additional labeling requirements may also apply. They shall also be accompanied by assembly and maintenance instructions, instructions for use and precautions to be taken.

Toys standards and the EN 71 standard part 1-2-3 of 13Safety of toys - Part 1 Mechanical and physical properties

Additional information on the background and rationale for various requirements is given in Annex A. Warnings on toys shall not be misleading or incorrect. Examples of close-to-the-ear toys are toy telephones and toy rifles with a loudspeaker in the stock.

It is also possible to dynamically change the styles to to perform tasks such as hide amendment markers e. Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use. It is, however, jillian michaels 30 day shred meal plan pdf always permitted to mention both the hazard and the harm e.

In the following sub-clauses a requirement, that a toy shall carry a warning shall mean that the warning shall appear on the toy itself. Product labeling template files d. Hi, looking at importing teaching aids from china to Ireland, do they need the required certificates.

Thank you for your answer in advance! That would be my guess as well and all I want is to find where exactly is that written in paper. Toys and material used in toys shall be visually clean and free from infestation.

DIN EN 71-1

Once the lab test is done, you will receive a digital document, stating if the product is compliant or not. Click here for a more detailed description of each part. Prior to release, orientate the toy in a position that allows the most onerous impact onto the coated surface of the steel plate. Harm means physical injury or any other damage to health, including long term health effect.

Whether the product is imported from China, or manufactured within Europe, makes no difference. Thank you for your help information! Adult supervision recommended. Where you asked by the Spanish customs to present these documents, or by another government body?

Solid materials which may leave residues on the hands. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet s are swallowed.

DIN EN 71-1

Purchase Process View All. Toy bicycles with a free-wheeling mechanism shall be equipped with two independent braking systems, one which operates on the front wheel and one which operates on the rear wheel. According to the directive, toys firmly attached to a food product in such a way that the food product needs to be consumed in order to get direct access to the toy i. The range of adjustment on an adjustable lever shall permit this dimension to be attained.

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Use only percussion caps recommended by the manufacturer. Protective equipment should be worn. We know how hard it can be to get a grip on product safety standards, labeling, documents and lab testing. Is it necessary to have both test? The perimeter of the disc shall be rounded.

Mechanische und physikalische Eigenschaften. Pros and Cons of India or China Manufacturing. It is not sufficient to place the warning s only on a display box.

Determine whether the component or suction cup has become detached or if the shaft of the projectile has broken. Users may wish to modify this file.

EN A3 Safety of toys - Part 1 Mechanical and physical properties

Safety of toys - Part 1 Mechanical and physical properties

The instructions shall indicate whether it is necessary that an adult assemble the toy or whether the proper assembly shall be checked by an adult before use. Any adjustable seat pillar and adjustable handlebar stem shall have a permanent mark that indicates the minimum insertion depth of the part into the frame of the toy.