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Limitation of time for issue of certificates. Minutes of meetings kept in accordance with the provisions of section shall be evidence of the proceedings recorded therein.

Disqualifications of Directors. Penalty for improper issue, circulation or publication of balance sheet or profit and loss account. Search The search facility is available in both Maltese and English.

Application by members to be supported by evidence and power to call for security. Removal for gross negligence or mismanagement.

Registration of order and minute of reduction. No person to be a director of more than twenty companies. Liability of trustees for debenture holders.

General provisions with respect to memorandum and articles. Remuneration of managing agents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Provided that any such re- appointment, re- employment or extension shall not be sanctioned earlier than two years from the date on which it is to come into force. Length of notice for calling meeting. Right of persons other than retiring directors to stand for directorship. Undischarged insolvent not to manage companies.

Changes in Constitution of Firms and Corporations. Registration of charges on properties acquired subject to charge. Applications for, and allotment of, shares and debentures.

Companies Act

Provided that proceedings to recover any such loss, damages or costs shall not be commenced after the expiration of two years from the date of the allotment. Provided that no institution shall be so specified unless- i it has been established or constituted by or under any Central Act, or. Increase in number of directors to require Government sanction.

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Power of directors to carry on business when managing agent or secretaries and treasurers are deemed to have vacated office, etc. Penalty for fraudulently inducing persons to invest money. Payments of interest out of capital. Certificate of registration.

If any person acts in contravention of the provisions of this sub- section, he shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five thousand rupees. Issue and effect of share warrants to bearer.

Compensation for termination of office. Penalty for concealing name of creditor, etc. Prohibition of issue of shares with disproportionate rights.

Act to override memorandum, articles, etc. Registration of unlimited company as limited, etc. It also bans open dumps and discusses the implications of hazardous waste, recycling, and renewable energy. Special provision where there is a profit sharing arrangement between two or more companies.

Companies Act 1965

Sterlite Industries India Ltd. Provided that where there is an interval between the agreement for any such transaction and the completion thereof, the date so shown shall be that of the agreement. New issues of share capital to be only of two kinds. Solid Waste Management on Tribal Lands. Particulars in case of series of debentures entitling holders pari passu.

No body corporate or bodies corporate under the same management, which holds. Provided that no person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for any such offence unless it was committed wilfully.

Power to re- issue redeemed debentures in certain cases. Any such exemption may be granted either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as may be specified in the notification.

Appointment and remuneration of auditors. Power to issue shares at a discount.

Financial year of holding company and subsidiary. Statutory meeting and statutory report of company. No company shall, after the commencement of this Act, issue any debentures carrying voting rights at any meeting of the company whether generally or in respect of particular classes of business. Restriction on exercise of voting right of members who have not paid calls, visual basic 2005 tutorial for beginners pdf etc. Certain persons not to be appointed managing directors.

Penalty and interpretation. Where after the commencement of this Act, any calls for further share capital are made on shares, such calls shall be made on a uniform basis on all shares falling under the same class. Production of documents and evidence. Special Provisions as to Debentures.

FORM 6.pdf - Form 6 Company No 80907-H COMPANIES ACT

Right member to use his votes differently. Effect of irregular allotment. Vacation of office on conviction in certain cases.

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Provided that no order under this sub- section shall be issued in relation to a class of companies except after consultation with the Reserve Bank of India. Special provision as to alternation of memorandumconsequent on alteration o.