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This will enable us to contact you if the need arises. Wear a full face shield and rubber gloves when working on or near batteries.

If disconnecting the batteries for storage, disconnect B negative - battery cable and secure it in a way that ensures the cable will not come into contact with battery terminal. To ensure safe operation of the vehicle, follow exactly and in order, all of the following procedures. Use of water in batteries, including tap water, that contains impurities.

Failure to make necessary repairs could result in fire, property damage, severe personal injury, or death. Read and understand all instructions prior to driving the vehicle. Fuel Shut-off Valve selecting valve position, ensure that it is fully opened or fully closed. Rinse solution off of the batteries. The park brake has multiple locking positions and should be firmly pressed and locked to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Connect battery cables in reverse order. To stop the vehicle, release the accelerator pedal and press the brake pedal with your right foot until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Improper charging of a vehicle due to the use of a battery charger model not approved by Club Car for use with the vehicle. Golf cart looses power up hill. Plug the fuel tank vent nipple so that it is air tight.

Leaving the fill coupling on top of the battery bank or tucked between the batteries and the battery bucket can result in coupling damage. Do not attempt to repair the plug or straighten bent pins. Engine Oil - Gasoline Vehicle Vehicle should be on a level surface when checking oil. The safety committee should include all these items and such others as the committee feels necessary or appropriate.

If caught in a storm while driving a Club Car vehicle, ltr 450 manual pdf exit the vehicle and seek shelter in accordance with applicable safety guidelines for your location. Please contact your nearest Club Car dealer or distributor for information on how to properly recycle your batteries. Contact your local authorized Club Car dealer or distributor for repairs.

Throughout this manual, important features unique to each model are highlighted. For detailed information on specific features, read the appropriate section in this manual.

Preferred and Alternate methods. Club Car vehicles operate at reduced speed in reverse.

Do not allow this solution to enter the battery. All Club Car vehicles operate at reduced speed in reverse.

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Fueling Instructions - Gasoline Vehicles Use of these fuels in this vehicle will void the warranty. The engine will stop if it is shifted to this position during operation. The charger should be plugged into a properly grounded outlet. The battery hold-downs should be tight enough so that the batteries do not move while the vehicle is in motion, but not so tight as to crack or buckle the battery case.

Vehicle should be on a level surface when checking oil. Turn the water faucet off when finished filling the vehicle s. Doing so can damage the fuel pump. The battery warning light goes on and off? Do not use the accelerator pedal to hold position.

The fuel tank is located on driver side of vehicle. Be sure terminals are tight. Engine Oil - Gasoline Vehicles Even though the low oil warning light on the dash should warn you if your oil becomes low, engine oil level should be checked monthly. This will prevent further damage to the vehicle and avoid the possibility of injury due to unsafe conditions. We recommend using a slip-on vinyl cap.


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Club Car Precedent Owner s Manual

Disconnect fuel vent line from fuel tank vent nipple. Vehicle Specifications lb.

Carefully inspect each vehicle to ensure that it is in proper working condition before accepting delivery. Driving Instructions When the pedal is released it should return to the original position. Ventilate when charging or operating vehicle in an enclosed area. Do not allow a positive wire to touch the vehicle frame, engine, or any other metal component.