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Also, I'm a bit strapped on cash so I can't purchase Papercutz graphic novel versions at the moment. The actual Islanders sets appeared several years later, though. They had defeated Vezon and Kardas and obtained the Mask of Life.

So if you know of any companies doing that time period I would appreciate it if you told about them. Some of these customizers will also take custom jobs according to your specification. We just have to wait until he gets back online. Meanwhile, Dekar finds and holds up the mask, and Pridak declares that the mask shall belong to the Barraki.


The series tells the story for and is illustrated by Leigh Gallagher. Stay tuned for future parts featuring more! By the way, I changed my mind.

Bug, there are several ways to customize minifigures. My internet searches haven't come up with much.

Minifig customization and supporting minifig customizers is a huge passion of mine. Several functions may not work. At the same time, the mask continues to sink downwards.

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The Battle for Power series takes place in Karda Nui. However, he is soon realizes that Matoro is not a foe, and Kopaka is consequently informed of his summoning to Mata Nui and his quest to collect Kanohi masks.

As has been stated in this topic, all other Bionicle books are protected under copyright law and found nowhere online. Following this, honda civic 2009 manual pdf the The Bohrok Awake promotion had three mini comics randomly inserted in card packs to spread the story of the Bohrok.

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Kopaka quickly saves the falling Matoran, and both land on top of a flowing stream of water which Kopaka freezes. Fikko originally sent me the wrong website to a water-filter company, so it took me a while just to figure out what website he would have meant. These are usually customizers who sell their products as these printers are not cheap. Smaller promotional comics have been released in other ways as well.

Fikko should be able to tell you. Want to play all the Lego games? Anyway, this made for another very interesting post Fikko. The Toa of Ice sees the Matoran as an enemy, and attacks him.

Now the scattered elements of my being are rejoined. Yeah, I think I've got it. Hahli attempts to dive after it, but fails after she runs out of air underwater. Also create custom accessories this way.

This comic book was a Comic-con exclusive, I believe. Well that and the pure nostalgia I'm going to have rereading these comics. Pridak explains their situation and that the mask may be the cure to their underwater mutations and may transform them back to their land forms, restoring them to their former glory.

Where can I read BIONICLE comics online

You have clicked an external link, proceed at your own caution. As far as I know, the final two comics aren't included in graphic novels at all. Some of them have unique minifigs that Lego does not make. Which is a shame, because they're highly important to the story, being the finale. They soon find themselves in the company of the other four Toa Mata.

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Well, when your plan solidifies and you are still looking for some ideas just let me know. Yes, if anybody knows where the books are online please speak out, I can't find them anywhere. He awakens and blasts open his Canister. Where exactly they can be obtained I have no idea.


After telling a cryptic message about a city under the sea, the Matoran dies. He is a blue-coat with powdered wig and all, and for the red-coats you can just convert a pirate minifig. Hakan, I should probably update that link. This second comic chronicles only one game Ilrion and has half as many pages as the first one. By the way, Hakan was right.


Lunchables also had a set of promotional comics. Good Luck, and when your done, post a in depth analysis as to which are the best comics and way.

But since he lives in Asia, he is probably sleeping right now. He pieces himself together and, heading toward the mountains, meets the Ko-Matoran Matoro. Copyright of theBrickBlogger. As I have read, two albums were produced, with a third album and some smaller booklets finished but never produced.

Unfortunately, that's the only one available in English! The booklet contained black and white illustrations by the same artist as Get The Mask of the Toa and Protectors traveling through Okoto and encountering Skull Spiders. The other four are, as far as I could find, only available in Russian but at least you can see the images.