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Be the materiwl to start a new thread. Need help getting started? Polymeric materials include the familiar plastic and rubber materials.

The horizontal lines that run between the two curves, marks the beginning and end of isothermal transformations. Atomic packing in grain boundaries is lower than within the grains because of the atomic mismatch. In this process you waste your precious time. Temperature is a measure of how hot a body is and a scale has to be needed to accurately determined its temperature. Thermosetting polymers harden permanently when heated, as cross-linking hinder bending and rotations.

It analyzes, systematically and logically, the basic concepts and their applications to enable the students to comprehend the subject with ease. Web Pages-Magnetic Properties.

Fundamental Equations cont. It may be noted that for a given substance, the liquid is in a higher energy state than the solid and the vapour is in a higher energy state than the liquid. The key factor of polymer usage is its low production cost along with wide range of useful properties. Most dislocations in crystal are of mixed type having the edge and the screw components with a transition region between them. Diamond has a host of interesting and even unusual properties, which are given below.

This is done by exposing the part to a coarbon rich atmosphere at an elevated temperature and allows diffusion to transfer the carbon atoms into steel. Consequently, the atomic diameter of an interstitial impurity must be substantially smaller than that of the host atoms.

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Several relaxation processes take place within a material in response to an externally applied stress. Multi discipline course fof. Necessity of a Phase Diagram- Following points shows you the why it is necessary to use phase diagram. Their formation is strongly affected by the condition of charge neutrality creation of unbalanced charges requires the expenditure of a large amount of energy.

Lecture Notes-Applications and Processing of Polymers. Lecture Notes-Introduction. This reduces the total distortional energy around the interstitial atoms. In many physical phenomena heat is exchanged. The strain due to C Jumping will somewhat lag behind the strain due to bond stretching, which is instantaneous.

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Lecture Notes-Mechanical Properties of Metals. Specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion. Many of them are organic compounds that are chemically based on carbon, hydrogen, and other non-metallic elements.

Notse well-established and widely adopted book, now in its Sixth Edition, provides a thorough amie material science notes of the subject in an easy-to-read style. Corrosion and Degradation of Materials. However you are advised to join as early as possible, because it will give you more time for study and revision of the course material.


The most important raw materials for basic refractories are given below. Material Science and Engineering by V Raghavan. You need to put in hard work for Materials Science Subject. So you have to put extra efforts to make notes from the book so as to make it useful for your purpose. Lecture Notes-Imperfections in Solids.

Application of ceramics are limited due to brittle nature of the fracture. Two outstanding types of modern composite materials used for engineering application are fiber-glass-reinforcing material in a polyester or epoxy matrix and carbon fibers in an epoxy matrix. Even after the maximum load has reached, the strain due to C jumping will continue to occur, resulting in further strain as function of time. In metals, grain boundaries are created during solidification, It is a narrow region of about two to five atomic diameters in width. Covalent bonds involve sharing of valence electrons.

Such as Water can exist in solid, liquid or vapour phases depending on temperature and pressure. The ultimate aim of the study should be understanding and concepts which you will only appreciate stucy thoroughly reading it. There is nice online support too, which includes course updates, unsolved papers, iQuiz, eBooks and video lectures. Gibbs derived an equation from thermodynamic consideration that enables the number of phases that can coexist in equilibrium in chosen system to be computed.


List of material properties on wiki-pedia. Lecture Notes-Optical Properties. Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms.

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For instance, the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties are the responses to mechanical, xmie and magnetic forces, respectively. For most polymers, these molecules from very long chains. Polymers are composed of basic structures called mer units. The parts are heat-treated and tempered before nitriding.

Other properties vary greatly. Due to this effect, the streess-strain curve during loading does not coincide with the curve during unloading. Thermoplastic are solids, which are formed using heat and pressure. To show what phases are present at different compositions and temperatures under slow cooling conditions. We construct these symmetrical units with the hard spheres.

In some binary alloy systems, the two elements are completely soluble in each other in both the liquid and the solid states. Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this. They are quite strong, yet deformable, which accounts for their extensive use in structural applications. Amiw mass of the electron is negligible with respect to those of the proton and the neutron, which form the nucleus of the atom.

This is a self study course. Tempering results in a desired combination of hardness, ductility, toughness, strength, and structural stability.

Jain Brothers amie solved papers. Then there is a strong, essentials of discrete mathematics second edition pdf amie material science notes Coulomb attraction.